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We notarize Financial Documents, Power Of Attorney, Insurance Documents, Health and Medical Documents, DMV Documents, Automotive Signings, Trusts and Wills, Real Estate Loan Signings, Transfer of Ownership and Title, Employment Documents, Contracts, School Transcripts, Adoption Papers, Grants, Promissory Notes, Travel Authorization (for Students), Law Enforcement Applications, and more...

We accept cash and all major credit/debit cards.  All services can be invoiced.

General Notary Fees
Travel Fees, Waiting Time & After Hour Rates May Apply


Per Notarized Signature



Oath or Affirmation, Per Notarized Signature


Proof of Execution by Credible Witness

Per Notarized Signature, Per Document


Certified Copy of Power of Attorney

Per Certified Copy


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Document Package Fees
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